The Setting of Shelterville

The town of Shelterville is a small sleepy town in the backwater Wild West in the year of 1883.
The town is home to about 180 living souls who are busy making a living in whatever job they have, some working in the mines of the nearby mountains.
The central place in the town is the saloon, the Silver Pen, a place of song, drinking and dance. It is rumored that a special event of entertainment will take place here someday soon, but nobody knows of that for sure.
Besides the saloon, the town has the Sheriff's office and prison, though the Sheriff is out of town these days to look for some wanted criminals reported nearby. The newly appointed deputy sees to town-safety meanwhile. Carpenter, Undertaker, General Store and the private homes of citizens also make up the town.
About a hundred yards outside the town we find the town’s small church and nearby cemetery below the hangman’s hill. The latter is said to be haunted by the ghosts of wrongfully accused horsethieves...

The Town of Shelterville

Town Cemetery

Deputy Hank McMillian

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