The Invitation!
Dear Cartoonist

You, as an artist, is hereby invited to let your characters partake in the great Halloween Cameo Caper 2006, that this years will take place in the little town of Shelterville in the American Wild West of 1883!
Your characters will meet up with other characters from other comics to hold a grest Western-themed Halloween in this backwater town with all the necessary facilities like saloon, drugstore and mortuary!
The event will be recorded for the future by all the artist who take part in the occasion!

We hope you will take well to this invitation and send you characters to a great time, for both them, you and the readers!

Should you need help in bringing your characters to the right time and location, we can offer a good many ways of transportation, from wardrobes to flying VW's! Just give the word and we'll see if we can make something up!

- The Management

Those who answered the call:

Blade of Toshubi by (Toshubi)

Darian's Friends by Chris Milloy (Darian)

Division/bell by J. Edward (Feyd)

Dragon Kingdoms by Thomas Eskew

Drunken Scribblings by Rik (Tinkerbell)

Hey Fox by Gabrial Fox

Impy & Aevy by Robbie Allen (Yammy)

The KAMics by Keith Alan Morgan (KAM)

Life & Death by Jonathan Oliver (Joff)

Like Fish In Water by (Dracco)

Magical Misfits by Ron

Mindmistress by Al Schroeder

Pr0nCrest by Kenny Reyes (Kennatsu)

Rebound by (Reboundcomic) by (SunMK)

... and those who would have liked to:

Circle Arcadia: Knights of the Goddess by Inemesit Imoh

Death By Pixel by (OmegaHedgehog)

Obnoxious High by (Spaz)

Segcom by (SegcomAuthor)